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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Euan of The Obvious? has made the move from Blogger to a new MT-based weblog in a new location (time to update links, folks). Congrats on the move, Euan. And remember – if you need help with MT, all you have to do is holler. Since you’re having template – and most likely CSS – problems, I won’t be able to help you, but I’ll commiserate nicely.

Speaking of MT, it sounds like Ben and Mena’s server is being overwhelmed and they need to make a move, themselves. I’m not exactly rolling in dough at the moment but I’m finally plunking down a bit for my MT installation – especially since I’ll be extending my use of MT throughout all of my websites.

I was going to send a well done to Dorothea for duckling rescue when I realized it was David who did the rescuing. So – well done, David!

AKMA’s thinking about creating a U Blog gift shop. There’s a problem though – we have no school colors. We have no school motto. (We have no school, but that’s besides the point.) Life’s issues may march on – the good with the bad, the happy and the sad – but everyone knows a school needs school colors and a motto. Something Latin. What’s Latin for blog? Now, what’s Latin for blog that doesn’t sound like a disease?

A quiet thanks to my favorite songbird, Shannon: Smoochies, girl – you made my day yesterday.

And now, this blog will self-destruct in five seconds: one, two, three, ….

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