HTML5 Specs W3C

Review and comment on the W3C HTML5 specification

The IE Blog recently posted a guide to the W3C process of taking HTML5 to Last Call (LC). The writing included a call to those not currently involved in the W3C HTML Working Group (WG) to review the HTML5 specification and file bugs and LC comments. The HTML WG has good representation from the browser companies, […]


The W3C bites back?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. This has been a long time coming, and not sure where it will go. It started innocuously enough: remove a paragraph associated with the alt attribute, about user agents using some form of heuristics to determine replacement text. It wasn’t associated with a bug—it predated the current decision process. It […]


Survivor: W3C

If the W3C were a TV show, it would be Survivor, without a doubt. With the announcement of the less than graceful retirement of XHTML 2.0, the charitable would say that W3C is consolidating resources. The less charitable would say that in a face-to-face with the WhatWG and the browsers, the W3C blinked; or was […]