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I took my camera outside this morning, and then had to wait for the condensation to dissipate before taking a photo. It’s not as hot today, but the humidity is breathtaking for only being the beginning of June. Considering that the coast has already been hit with its first tropical storm, I think we can […]

Legal, Laws, and Regs

Judicial activism

Just a quick note to point something out that I will be talking more about this weekend. Michael Hanscom pointed out a House Resolution to allow Congress to override the Supreme Court when the Court indulges in what the family values folk term “judicial activism”. What are examples of ‘judicial activism’? Try the civil rights movement, the […]


Game over, US won

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. Doc wrote today: We’ve won in Iraq. The citizens of Bagdad are elated. Nothing like a toppled statue to make a conclusive point. … The sounds I heard coming from Cheney this morning were very encouraging. If we do what he says we’re doing, maybe we can restore some level of trust in an Arab world […]

Diversity Political

Ladylike behavior

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. Under the banner of equal opportunity, the demand for full integration of women means special treatment for women. They want special breaks-a woman shouldn’t have to perform the same physical tests as a man. This agenda is driven not by women in uniform, but by their civilian advocates, who would […]