Paperwork Blues

Enough with my bad self. If I keep writing posts in the heat of the night, folks will think this weblog is about me or something. However, I do have somewhat of an excuse for a po’me posting – I’m buried in paperwork for various reasons, and that’s enough to dim any sane person’s lust for life. In fact, the need to retrieve yet more paper to add to the process is one of the main reasons I have to head to San Francisco next week.

I’m finding that paperwork for taxes and other financial transactions is not a normal human activity. It’s similar to sitting on the floor and putting your feet behind your head – you can manage it after long practice, but it hurts like hell to start, and it’s not natural.

As welcome respite, I am glad to see that one of my attempts at rusty humor found its mark – Jonathon noticed my use use of ‘less flammable’ in regards to his recent writing:

As for those ‘less flammable issues,’ I can only assume that Burningbird is having a sly dig at my post about hunting and eating whales (if she’s not, I can’t begin to imagine what she’d classify as a truly flammable issue).

Loren liked my Dark Time post, though he wants a bear photo, instead. Dorothea, on the other hand, asked for pictures of cute little burnished gold goslings. No difficulty guessing who will get their preferred pic, here.

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