Perspective, it’s all perspective

Today in SF Gate an article regarding the pro-Palestinian/pro-Israel clash at SFSU that I’ve covered in previous postings:

San Francisco State University police asked the district attorney’s office Thursday to prosecute three students accused of hate crimes during a campus clash between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups.

In a strongly worded letter distributed on campus on May 13, Corrigan denounced the clash. “A small but terribly destructive number of pro- Palestinian demonstrators, many of whom were not SFSU students, abandoned themselves to intimidating behavior and statements too hate-filled to repeat,” he wrote.

But after reviewing the tapes and interviewing witnesses, the administration has learned that the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were not alone responsible for the incident.

“I support the administration in their efforts to ensure a non-intimidating atmosphere on campus, an atmosphere that promotes free speech and is tolerant of people of different backgrounds and viewpoints,” said Seth Brysk, executive director of S.F. Hillel, which serves Jewish students.

Chronicle reporters: Henry K. Lee (hless -at- and Tanya Schevitz (tschevitz -at –

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