Just Shelley Weblogging

And another shot…

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Just in case my previous posting doesn’t piss enough people off at me – and it will – may I pass on to you this link to an entire page that the person known as The Head Lemur has written because I expressed my opinion about realtime blogging.

Shelley Powers wants to be the Center of the Universe.

But let’s not stop there. Please, feel free to use my comments to add links to other postings that discuss my vanities, my inabilities, my lack of objectivity, my paleo-leftist tendencies, my anti-Semitic nature, my pro-terrorist nature, that my weblog sucks, and I don’t give a shit about the people around me, my life, all of you, and the world at large.

No, seriously, I haven’t been dumped on enough this week. I need more. You would be doing me a kindness to donate to the pile. Get out your hammer and nail the lid down, tight.

Jonathon, you’ll be heartened to know that kitsch is alive and well and living in the blogosphere. And I’m it.

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