Pop fizzle

Ah me, what a dangerous combination: a weblog and an inability to get away from the computer with hikes and other exercise due to not being able to do more than hobble from my bedroom to the bathroom. I did not have a particularly good night last night as all the various parts of me clamored for attention.

“Feel me!” “No, no! Feel me!” “Ignore them, I hurt the most!”

Damn body parts.

Still, I am able to move about and this makes me happy, if for no other reason than I can get coffee when I want it.

I mentioned yesterday that I actually went into a Little Green Footballs post and left comments. Most people will think this a foolhardy thing to do and I tend to agree with them. However, I cannot watch people making fun of the death of another person without at least attempting to…what I have no idea.

What happened is that Joey deVilla had pointed out a cartoon and award given to Rachel Corrie as “Idolitarian of the Year” for, we presume, getting run over by a bulldozer when she was protesting the wrecking of a home in Palestine. The award was offensive enough, but the humor that was indulged in was, well frankly, beyond anything I’d seen before.

Regardless of whether we agree with a person or not, or regardless of what a person has done, I can see little justification into making humor of their death. It seems to me that webloggers can go too far in what they write and support, and if so, then Charles, the “Prince of Puerile Hatred” crossed the line, he and his band of merry, and mainly anonymous, marauders. So I entered comments to that effect, which basically only served as fresh meat for the ‘wits’ that frequent LGF’s comments.

It was discouraging to see the things said, until I noticed that there really aren’t a huge number of people agreeing with Charles. In fact, his longer threads tend to be a smaller group of dedicated devotees, and then milder comments, or even criticism from people such as myself.

It made me realize that yes a weblogger can go too far, but we don’t have to do anything about it: as they get worse in their behavior and in what they support, they’ll lose more and more people who can’t stomach the never ending hatred until eventually they just fade away, hopefully never to be heard from again. Or they’ll act as a lightning rod for all the people we would rather not have to deal with anyway, in which case they serve a useful purpose.

Weblogging, like Google, is self-healing.

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