Productive Writing

As fun as I find writing lengthy posts here, all of which have little impact on whatever I am writing about, I must turn my attention back to finishing the draft of my new book. First, though, I have a question about computers, but this time addressed to the Windows side of the house.

Both my Mac and Windows based laptops developed problems, but only my Mac was covered under warranty. My Dell laptop lost its LCD, and it will cost about $250-300 to fix. It’s going on three years old and I’m not sure it’s worth the repair costs. I’m considering getting a new laptop, but I don’t want to get another Dell. I don’t like the Dell company’s business practices.

I’ve found an HP Pavilion that looks to be a decent deal, but I’ve never had an HP. Any of you have experience with an HP? How about with other Windows-based laptops?

The purchase has to be inexpensive. I would really like to keep the costs at $700.00. Any and all suggestions and feedback on HPs or other Windows laptops would be welcome.

Oh, and hey, go me.

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