Connecting Weblogging


Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Several people have been involved in a discussion around the question: do links subvert hierarchies.

It started with Doc Searls (Linkers page). Then Dave Rogers comments (Linkers page), kicking off the following flurry of cross-weblog linking:

Original Mike Warot (Linkers Page)

Wirearchy (Linkers Page)

David Weinberger (Linkers Page)

Sean Coon (Linkers Page)

Mark Bernstein (Linkers Page)

Forthcoming (Linkers Page)

Indefinite Articles (Linkers Page)

Ethan Johnson (Linkers Page)

Scott Reynen (Linkers Page)

More Doc Searls (Links Page)

Dave Rogers again (Linkers Page)

More Dave Rogers (Linkers Page)

Deciding Better (Linkers page)

A Hawkings (Linkers Page)

Karl Martino (Linkers Page)

Doc Searls again (Linkers Pa… when did they start giving out little gold Top 100 badges at Technorati?)

Mark Bernstein again (Linkers Page)

Mike Warot (Linkers Page)

Susan Kitchens (Linkers Page)

There’s a pattern formed by all these responses and counter-responses, and links thereof. I’ve provided all the pieces of the pattern. I leave it to the reader to now discover the pattern for themselves.

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