I could wish that the weather was a little less wet as I’ve not been able to get out much. I hope to visit the town where I was born and raised on Thursday. I will have to settle for Thursday as the rest of the time the weather promises rain or snow, or rain and snow. Oh well, I’m here to help my Mom anyway, and the weather keeps me home and helpful. Too helpful perhaps as even my mother has mentioned, wistfully, once or twice that isn’t the weather nice enough for me to go on a walk? Yet?

My mom’s two poodles like me. They’re tiny puffballs, and yes, they do yap. One is an apricot, the other white. They’re very affectionate, but the white one doesn’t feel good sometimes; when you pet her, most of the time she leans into you and cuddles; a few times though, she has turned on me and bit me. Luckily, she doesn’t have most of her teeth. Well, not lucky for her; lucky for me.

It is unnerving, though, as I don’t want to upset her. This aberrant behavior doesn’t happen with cats, you know. Either they love you or the loathe you, but they’re consistent.

All is going well, so much so that I will be going home on the 17th.

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