A couple of things:

Thanks to both Squidblog and Pharyngula for the eye opening explanation behind numerous sea monster sightings. Leads one to wonder what could be behind Nessie?

We found out that our panel at SxSW will be on Sunday around noon. High noon in fact, which Kathy will appreciate:

I’m also doing a panel at SXSW with Dori Smith, Shelley Powers, and Virginia DeBolt on “Why are women invisible on the web: whose butts should we be kicking?” As many of you know, I don’t even agree with the premise of the title (I’m a woman, I certainly am not invisible on the web), and I have intense disagreements about this with the other women on the panel, so… it should be a rather festive panel ; ) (I’m thinking smackdown) I have to hand it to Dori, of whom I’m a big fan, for putting together a panel that offers differing perspectives.

Smackdown! Love it.

I think Kathy and others will be surprised. I had an epiphany about this issue on the train ride out to Idaho. Anyway, March 12th in Austin — you can buy us margaritas after.

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