Pundit one and LAX

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The mighty Glenn Reynolds has written another of his edifying columns out at Fox, this one on the LAX shooting.

As expected, he echos the other punditry’s concensus that the shooting was an act of terrorism. Hadayet was from Egypt, most likely hated Jews, objected to an American flag over his apartment and might possibly have met with an Osama Bin Laden associate in 1995. Therefore, this wasn’t the act of a man who went beserk, grabbed some guns, found a target and started shooting – this was the pre-planned, carefully thought out action of a terrorist.

What do you know, terrorism is occurring on the streets of America every day. Fancy that.

I’ll give him this, the Pundit One does have a different take in how to deal with these types of situations:

The clearest lesson of the Los Angeles International shooting is that diffuse threats like terrorism are best answered with diffuse defenses: lots of people, preferably armed, who are ready to respond in a hurry.

Lovely idea – arm a paranoid populace with guns and tell them they’re America’s first line of defense against terrorism.

Glenn Reynolds is nothing more than a thinking person’s chew toy.

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