Quick note before bed

Phil Pearson is talking about the project I’ve been working on for Broadband Mechanics the last few weeks. I’m not working on the Structured Blogging component; I’m creating a middleware server called Outputthis.

A limited version of the service will be up for Tuesday for the Big Rollout, and then I need to add the rest: autodiscovery of web services through RSD; full update and delete for the Profile and Targets. But it should be enough for demonstration purposes and alpha testing/use on Tuesday.

Outputthis provides services that allow you to register weblogs or other resources that you might want to post to through the Structured Blogging “Blog This!” functionality. When you click the Blog This button, one of my services returns a list of weblogs, you check which ones you want, click the button and the next thing you know: the post has been posted to all the sites.

Right now, we’re upgrading the database and I’m fighting a really odd incompatibility between mcrypt and the xml_parser so it’s not running; something I’ll fix in the morning. Besides, it’s too early to turn it on–the rollout is Tuesday, and the focus at the party will be on the web 2.0 stuff like the Structured Blogging plugins (which are impressive); not the web 1.0 stuff, like Outputthis.

In the meantime, whatever Phil and Kimbro and the others have done with the SB plugin is not forking.

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