Events of note

Race over

Returned home from the Race for the Cure walk this morning. As predicted, the weather was very hot and very humid, but there was a cool breeze at times – made it bearable.

I didn’t want to drag my camera around with me this morning, so no photos. I imagine there will be some online eventually. Just imagine a whole lot of people stretching out as far as you can see.

Breast cancer survivors had special pink t-shirts and I was surprised at how many there were in the crowd. And most people had pink banners attached to their backs with the name of some loved one who had died. Too many of these, too.

I passed one fairly somber group that all had photos of a younger, pretty woman attached to their walk numbers. An older woman was pushing a baby carriage and her pink page said in memory of her daughter; the baby carriage had another pink page, in honor of the baby’s mother.

Still, the mood was upbeat and positive, and the survivors all received beautiful pink roses at the end of the walk, which I thought was a nice gesture. Bands played all along the way, and the local Harley Davidson club provided security and moral support, cheering the walkers on.

Walks of this nature are more than a way to raise money, though the money from these walks is used to fun most of the free breast cancer clinics, as well as much of the research in breast cancer; walks like this make you aware of how much of an impact breast cancer has.

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