Real link stuff

I’m not normally a link and comment person, but I’m feeling in a ‘chatty’ mood, so here we go:

American Street has created adjunct Perranoski award categories to the Wampum awards. There’s also a contest for best poem featuring the Rumsfeld infamous quote You go to war with what you have. Personally, though, I prefer my poetry sans Rummy, but the contest is still fun.

Just in time for the holidays, Ken Camp has posted a recipe for Tequila Cookies. I think I’m going to take liberties with the recipe, though, and create “Jug o Margarita” cookies instead.

I like Molly’s new Medusa look. But then, she used green — I’m partial to green. And her logo is fun. Looks like she’s been into Ken’s Tequila cookies.

Congratulations to Liz Lawley for the new Lab for Social Computing she’s been made director of at RIT. The creation of this lab is an impressive accomplishment.

I miss Phil.

Norm, I really like the book, Birth of the Chess Queen, and thanks for pointing it out to me. I need to get around to posting some great quotes from the book.

Uncle Joe, who has a very cute dog is having chicken enchiladas with his holiday meal this year, I’m having ham sandwiches, and PapaScott is NOT having lutefish — good choice, Scott. Dave is probably having the s**t kicked out of him by his daughter Catie for Festivus, while it sounds like this might have happened, metaphorically to Karl in comments. And I agree with the ‘better uses of time’, Karl.

Now is the time for music, friends, family, and fun. But then, every day is the time for music, friends, family, and fun. AKMA is listening to music such as U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”, while Halley is doing the angel thing. Stavros writes of the cassettes he has known and loved. (I’m dated — I think of the old single LPs when I get nostalgic–but at least it’s not gramaphones.).

Lottsa snow and cold about if the number of visits I’m getting to my old How to Drive in Ice and Snow post is any indication. Poor people — I hope sincerely they recognize tongue in cheek when they see it. Don is learning the joys of white snow with small black dogs, while Bill learns that furnace thermostats have batteries (I didn’t know this, either).

And I just had an email from Daliel Leite that the Rock on Rock On site, which I’ve contributed photos to, and mentioned in the past, was just pointed out as a Yahoo Pick, generating visits from over 90,000 people from 120 countries in the last few days.

I remember the site when it was a bare pebble on the beach. Good to see it getting the attention it deserves. Congrats, Daliel!

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