Real Stuff

I wanted to point out to you an effort that Marius Coomans is undertaking and chronicling at Renaissance Web:

I am about to implement weblogs in a corporate environment and I
thought it might be interested to track implementation and
progress “live” to this list. I hope this will be a two way effort
with comments and suggestions from the list and information about the
implementation which is of interest to the list. Any (politely
worded) suggestions/feedback will be very welcome. I expect to focus
on the human side of implementation, but expect to cover technical
successes and failures as well.

Anyone who is interested in social software, and incorporation of weblog technology within the work place will most likely want to follow along with Marius — I for one appreciate him sharing his experience.

This will also add some ‘meat’ to the discussions at the site, which have, unfortunately, been centered around my half-baked idea of the RDF Poetry Finder.

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