Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Someone else who took a look at her weblog and decided to redefine what she wanted to write about online is Pascale Soleil. Pascale used to write at Both2and: Beyond Binary. She writes of her new site, Pascale’s Wager:

In keeping with a transition in my life, I’m moving on to a new site and a new focus for my online writing … So in future, if you’re interested, you can find me at Pascale’s Wager []. Be warned: lots of “meaning of life” and God talk ~ not to mention seminary gossip. It could get oogy.

Pascale highlights one aspect of making changes in our online lives: they can be disruptive, as well as enriching. Not bad disruptive–the kind that says, “I’ve been going down this path, and I want to cut through the woods and try that path, now. You’re welcome to come along if you wish.”

Good luck at the new site, Pascale.

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