Rent my background

David Weinberger, that Pygmalian of weblogging, points to an in-depth investigative report that follows on the now famous Incredible JoBlo conference held at Harvard last week.

In the report, the hard hitting news hounds at Better Bad News leave no stone unturned in their relentless search for the truth.

Do webloggers have an obligation to report who does or does not pay them? Are webloggers bound by the same ethics ignored by most major journalists? Are we webloggers credible or incredible as some people think? Are we for sale, and if so, are we cheap?

Are we boring and self-indulgently offensive as some northern reporters with frozen nuts desperately seeking stories that don’t require them to go outside assume? Are the vast majority of us worthless, as some journalist/editors from small and inconsequential technology news publications think? Or are they just jealous because we have higher pagerank, more Google hits, cuter cats, and can work in our nighties?

And just who is David Weinberger? Is he really a mild mannered philosopher with a thing for taxonomies, discussions about post-modernism, and who has seen 243 countries, all from their airports? Or is he Lenny Bruce reïncarnated, hugely cleaned up so even your Mama will think he’s a sweet boy, as has been claimed? And was that a correct use of the umlaut?

Stay tuned, for other late breaking news as it arises…

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