Diversity Technology


I have spent too much time worrying about specifications managed by people who, frankly, don’t have a lot of respect for what I have to say. I am not a browser developer, specification author, nor do I fit within the narrow parameters of “people who are seen to be contributors”.

Years ago, I defined the term Coders-Only-Club, to designated the seeming feeling of being an outsider, unless one acts a certain way, or does a certain thing. I can definitely say unequivocally that writing books or weblog posts does not ensure entry into the Coders-only-Club, or perhaps I should term it, “Contributors-Only-Club”. To be honest, writing simple tutorials or examples, helping people, or answering questions doesn’t gain one entry, either.

What’s absurd about the whole thing is I’m fighting for something I don’t really¬†need, because I do have viable alternatives I can use with my own work. I deliver every page at my web sites as application/xhtml+xml, which gives me singular power to accomplish wonderful things. I doubt, very much, that any browser is going to drop XHTML support for many, many years to com, so I can continue to incorporate SVG, or RDFa, or any number of new vocabularies that haven’t even been invented yet.

Frankly, I’m just wasting my time worrying about things I can’t change.

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