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Reviews and updated chapters

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I just read a review of Practical RDF out at Amazon that wasn’t very complimentary. In fact, I’ve had few complimentary reviews of the book, which can happen with a book. Sometimes you hit; sometimes you miss.

I can’t do much about the typos in the book (though these really were not as extensive as people say and have been corrected as errata at the book site at O’Reilly), because there won’t be a new edition of the book to make these corrections. I also can’t correct the style issues that have upset many of the readers, for the same reason – again, no new edition. But I can do something about new releases of technology that have happened since the book was first written.

I’ve already done so with the Java sections, but I think a better approach is for me to just go through each chapter at a time, and provide updated examples, new and updated information, and corrected links. I’ll then link these in the sidebar so that they’re easily accessible, and see if I can get O’Reilly to link to these chapter updates from the main book site. My hope is to have these updates done by end of January.

It’s not much, but it’s something I guess.

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