Rainy day

Weather Underground issued a report saying this has been the wettest new year since Missouri has started keeping track of the weather. The Meramec will hit flood stage soon, and by this weekend should be three feet over its banks in places.

I am grateful we haven’t had the snow and the ice, but rain for five straight days has kept me indoors and made it impossible to go to Michigan, as I had planned. In fact, from the weather reports, I doubt I’ll head north for a couple of months, at least.

No hiking or walks, either. In fact, very little other than coding, and at the moment, this isn’t bringing a great deal of satisfaction. I’m in a restless mood. I need a change of scene, even away from my beloved hills. However, I also have tasks I need to accomplish this month, so I’ll have to take advantage when the clouds break, and hope I can find contentment when I’m back out on the paths.

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