Rifting away

The buzz is all about the NY Times article, A Rift between the Bloggers.

Dave seems to be happy about it because the article called webloggers journalists. He would like to see complete transcripts of the interviews, though. (Sorry, Dave. If you’re a journalist then you understand that journalists don’t release unquoted interview material.)

Glen Reynolds thinks the piece was fair, and Doc says we (webloggers) are out of control.

File 13’s Amish Tech Support (sorry, that is the name of the weblog) thinks the article was a plug for the upcoming book “We Blog: Publishing online with Weblogs”. As a writer for a rival book, I wasn’t overly thrilled myself that only the one book was mentioned. After all, we also had Big Dogs among our authors. (Not me, I’m only a Pup.)

PhotoDude goes on to say that the article author, David Gallagher, is a weblogger himself, a photoblogger. Those two weblogs were a pleasant discovery – always looking for new photoblogs.

Rifts among bloggers. Sure. There’s rifts all the time. I don’t get care for certain bloggers and have criticized what they write. Certain bloggers don’t care for me, and criticize what I write. Life goes on.

To me this article is nothing more than Big Dogs talking about other Big Dogs, and, frankly, the whole thing is getting boring.

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