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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dave is collecting links to a growing story about Blogger weblogs being blocked in mainland China. Eatonweb portal has a list of Chinese bloggers many of whom use Blogger.

From this list, the About China blogger, leylop, writes:


Wow, I’m really excited ! Finally, I’m able to access by own blog and any other banned sites in China because of proxy service . I’ve been trying to get one for quite a whlie, but none of them worked. Now I know it’s all my fault, there’s wrong during the setting. Glad that everything is OK now 🙂


The use of proxies is a known workaround for censorship. I found this page on the use of proxies. Hopefully others will point out additional proxy workaround techniques and addresses so that we can pass these along to our Chinese compatriots.


More on Chinese censorship and workarounds at P2PNet, Can China’s Net Censorship be beaten? (thanks to Openflows).

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