Screwy weather

I was reading today in Prairie Point about the Missouri Earthquake of 1811. I had not heard of this before, so checked online and found that there was a series of earthquakes that hit the Mississippi Valley region in 1811 and 1812, and which geologists believe were the most damaging and widespread earthquakes to hit the country. They estimate from the descriptions and effects on the landscape, that the three significant ones were an 8.0 on the Richter scale or higher.

Other quakes caused more loss of life and damage to buildings, primarily because there were more people and more buildings. And other regions have more frequent quakes–earthquakes that are felt here are relatively rare. Still, interesting to know about our geological past

Another tidbit of information to store away about this state. If nothing else, this state does not have what I would call a very boring history.

What is more dangerous here are the tornadoes, and I can’t believe that we’ve been put under another tornado watch today. And the state is getting hit with storms having 2+ inch hail. This is the Spring weather all over again; frustrating, especially considering that tornadoes in October are extremely rare in the midwest. I’m watching all the lovely trees that are just now starting to get color, have their leaves ripped from them and I have a feeling by week end, our fall will have come and gone. I am disappointed, as I was really looking forward to some nice fall weather and photography. Maybe even take some of the planned, fun roadtrips, rather than ones I’ve had in the recent past.

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