Server update

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I just put in for a quote on a dedicated server, hopefully running Linux 8.0. The plan is to add the following software:

Python 2.2
Tomcat – limited use since this is a CPU hog
Perl 5.8
PHP 4.x
Apache 2.x
MySQL 4.x
Other (TDB or requested by co-op members)

Plus whatever software each person wants to run their weblog in — Bloxsom, Movable Type, or just plain Blogger-maintained pages. As long as it can work in the server, we’ll install it.

I experimented around with this setup in another environment last week and ran into problems with PHP 4.x and Apache 2.x. Compatibility problems. Everything else worked fine. Bugger.

New server should have unlimited bandwidth and space for lots of pics and bloggers. Fast CPU, too. By the end of the year, the server should be self supporting if all works well, and will have funded the seed money for a second co-op server. At least that’s the plan.

We’ll also run a Kiosk weblog on the new server for other webloggers. If a person’s weblog is down because of hosting problems, they can send an email to the co-op members, who will post a weblog entry in the Kiosk to that effect. Then, if people can’t access a weblog — DNS or server errors — they’ll have a place to go to check for a note about the weblog. Additionally, weblogs that moved can also post a hote.

Not sure if it will fly, but it’s only a weblog and takes no resource if it isn’t used.

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