Shy bunch

Very long day today with some tough times, interspersed with bits of hurt and difficulty but hey — The Bird bounces and continues. I am nothing if not resilient.

I just left a vlog (“voice blog”) on Gary’s answering machine. I hope I didn’t say anything that would get him in trouble if someone else in the company picks up the message. Pretty tired tonight so the message was probably incoherent and fatigued. I hope I don’t scare the man.

Rogi was a gutsy man and posted his photo today. And Gary posted an MP3 file of Sharon’s voice. Both were very pleasant surprises. Nice moments of sharing — thanks!

We are a shy bunch, aren’t we? It’s interesting finally seeing the face or hearing the voice of people you literally “talk” with on a daily basis. If you all think about it, we in the virtual neighborhood talk together more frequently than we do with most of our realspace friends and relatives (immediate family excluded of course). However, we have never met and would easily pass each other on the street without a blink or a nod.

I wonder if we don’t talk more freely because we don’t see each other in realspace. Tell me — do you talk more openly on your weblog than with the people you work with, or your casual friends? In realspace, I’m quite shy and reticent except when I’m talking technology at conferences, in meetings, at work and such.

(Though I have been known to babble when I’m nervous. And giggle at times, which is surprising for a woman who is close to six feet tall — yup, you read that correctly. I once had a guy come up to me on the streets of Seattle and say “Wonder Woman!” I took it as a compliment. )

Speaking of baring all, since Rogi and Sharon have shared — and TX Meryl has shared in the past — I did a little self photo of myself , which isn’t very good but at least it won’t break your monitor. Sorry — no glamorous babe. No hot chick. Just me. Update Ahem. Very Tired Me.

Now, on to other more interesting topics in my next posting. Though the TechBlog has been getting fairly juicy today…

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