Slashdot review of book

Dorothea just sent me a heads up that Practical RDF has been reviewed at Slashdot. All in all, a nice review and I appreciate the author, Brian Donovan writing it.

In fact, all the reviews I’ve read — at O’Reilly, Amazon, Programming Reviews, and elsewhere — have been very positive. Most of the criticism has been on the book organization, with some people wanting more coverage of the specs, some wanting more coverage of the tools, some wanting less coverage of the XML. However, add all of the comments together and the organization probably fit the audience about as good as it could considering the topic.

Though this site is linked from the review, I’m not getting many hits, not compared to the traffic I received for Parable of the Languages. Probably a good thing because I’m maintaining this server, and slashdot proofing is a tough SysAdmin job.

Thanks Dorothea, for pointing out the review.

PS Thanks also to Rev Matt for heads up, as well as nice note in the /. thread.

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