Splitting LAMP from the weblogs

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m going to continue the LAMP series later, but won’t be focusing them on the changes I’m making to WordPress. The two discussions aren’t compatible.

I’ll wait for the released WordPress 1.2 product and then just post my modifications with instructions about how to incorporate the changes for those interested. But I’m not going to leave the Movable Type ‘fan club’ just to jump into a WordPress ‘fan club’, and join in what is now becoming an emotional tug of war.

They’re just tools. My appreciations to the people who built them; I donated for MT, and when I can spare the money I’ll throw the same amount in as donation to WordPress. But they’re just tools. I prefer WordPress because I can legally tweak it, it uses my preferred technologies, and I can afford it.

But it’s just a tool.

Clay Shirky writes about emotional attachment to social software and people ‘freaking’ out, and Anil Dash uses it as a blueprint. Phil Ringnalda writes about how he’s standing by his Movable Type friends in one post, and then does a line by line dissection of his friends’ software license in the next.

Aside from the fact that we use the word ‘friend’ far too easily in this environment, I left my cheerleader skirt folded up on a porch when I was 13 and moved to Seattle a long time ago; so I’m not going to drop green-gold and black pom poms, just to pick up ones colored gray and blue.

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