Just Shelley

Spoke too soon

I spoke too soon on not needing anything. I was working with my laptop on my lap, when a thin line of color streaked across the monitor. I can’t get rid of it, even when I re-boot, which means it’s a hardware problem – probably to do with the casing and the problem I’ve had with the battery.

I’ve created a photo of the effect, using Jonathon Delacour’s white background to highlight the line. It has faded to an almost white line at one point, and actually disappeared for a second or two another time–all having to do with pressing on the frame of the laptop, which doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy.

After reading the nightmares about getting these fixed, I don’t need this now. If anyone recognizes the problem, please, if you have an effective solution, let me know. I need this machine. And I really need not to pay huge repair fees.

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