Mega Meta Mommy Backplane

Kim Cameron responded to my I, URL posting with a very gracious response. Gracious, in particular, considering that I was a ‘bit rough’ on him, as well as the Liberty Alliance.

Years working with the multi-mega-corporate data model efforts at various organizations and my own studies and writings on RDF have left me impatient, I will have to admit. We are at a stage now, we are ripe for it and beyond, some form of digital identity system that we can all be comfortable using. Whatever it is, it has to be something that focuses on the people, not the corporations. It must be our champion, not the champion of kings and queens–or of major technology companies.

I acknowledge the work that Liberty has taken in the field, but there’s never been any doubt about the ‘customer’ of this group’s efforts. However, just because the focus of the Alliance is on the companies, doesn’t mean that’s the focus of all the people in the Alliance; or the focus among the crafters of the work. Still, the specification from Liberty that I quoted in my original post is at version 1.2–long past time for such ‘placeholders’ to exist.

Ah well me, I’m just a coder looking for a solution, though I am glad of this discussion. Otherwise I would never have heard that priceless phrase, about the …emerging “mega meta momma backplane”. Not even the RDF folks could come up with that one–it’s lovely. Or have heard that there is now a sixth law of identity on its way.

Thou shalt not centralize…thou shalt not centralize…thou shalt not centralize…

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