St. Louis journalist loses job because of weblog

Oh, look. A real title, just like in the papers.

I’ve been out in comment threads the last few days. Sometimes you feel like a conversation, and sometimes you don’t. The last two days I felt like conversing.

One conversation today was at the St. Louis Weblogger site – a writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was fired (note, resigned after being put on suspension) for his pseudonymous weblog, after it was written about in the Riverfront Times.

The initial exposure was here, with followups here and here. Be sure to read the comments for some interesting, and fresh, perspectives on the entire situation.

We might as well get used to this, boys and girls. Right now the media is giving us just enough rope to hang ourselves with, with their Weblogs of the Year awards and shining the light on us as we gloat about Dan Rather.

Next year, they’re going to move in for the kill.

Staci Kramer of has two good posts on this topic: the first after Daniel Finney was suspended, the second after he resigned. In the latter post, she wrote:

One thing to think about if you’re keeping or thinking about writing an anonymous blog that includes commentary about people you know: if your identity became known would you be able to work with them? More important, would they be able to work with you? A talented writer who apparently didn’t think that through is now looking for work.

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