Sticky strands

I received a trackback ping from Jonathon Delacour who writes about tracking and lies:


I have no idea—to be honest, I don’t really care—whether TrackBack will enable us to establish a more “truthful” web but it does seem to hold out the promise of allowing us to create more nuanced and inclusive relationships than a web based on links and PageRanks. Who knows? It might even reveal more of the very different thoughts that lie hidden, deep in our hearts.


I also received a trackback ping from David at SiteLog who calls trackbacks “remote comments”. He’s just recieved his first ‘remote comment’, attached to a posting he wrote titled, ironically, “Lies, lies, and more lies”:


There are many types of love and if you are not careful, you can tell many lies. For the love of money, you will tell the lie that it is ok to sacrifice anything to get it. For the love of sex, you may tell the lie that love is not important. For the love of country, you may tell the lie that war is good.


I followed David’s trackback ping to Whispering Words who wrote “Lies and war” and who said:


That, to my mind, is the greatest lie, the most terrible lie. When a whole nation justifies its actions by the tired mantra, “They made us do it. We’re the victims here.” In war, we’re all victims. One way or another. I have family members who fled Vietnam, who were carried away in crude, leaky boats to uncertain futures as refugees. All of them still have the scars of that time….

I wonder if there are enough people in the United States who realises how much, under George Bush, they are beginning to resemble Nazi Germany.


Which uncannily connected with an earlier conversation from the weekend, associated with my post, Mein America where I compare the Ad Council’s Freedom Campaign with the propaganda techniques used by Adolf Hitler. And this was trackback pinged by There is no Cat, who talks about an article that looks at the parallels between Nazi Germany and today, and who links…

Webs are best built with sticky strands.

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