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Stop. Stop right now.

I won’t point to the sites, and I won’t repeat the exact words. But now is not the time to point to a ‘wiki’ setup to collect information about the bombs in London, and smugly say how much better it is at covering the news than the New York Times.

Now is not the time to point to each other, almost in joy, because, to paraphrase, “we’re covering the story better than the BBC”.

Now is not the time to bring up the incriminations of why this happened and use it as fodder and ammunition in this stupid oneupmanship that characterizes too many of the popular web sites.

Write on our shared sorrow for the people in London. Or write on flowers and trips to Maine and life in general, because life is good. Life is good. But not this. Don’t use this event to promote weblogging.

You’re all pathetic, and you make me ashamed of writing to this weblog. Sorry, got just a wee bit angry. I forget sometimes that we all have different ways of dealing with tragedy.

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