Google Maps API

I am in the process of converting my metadata extensions for photos into simple drop in pages. There is no interest in the larger application, but some in the smaller uses. Not a lot — folks really are not interested in the whole ‘metadata’ thing. But I’d like to salvage some of the work I did.

My biggest problem I’m having with the change is Google’s Map API requires a key that is really limited. It only works within a specific directory. Worse, it doesn’t allow you to add a URL as a parameter in a query. Right now I’m working around this by passing in the post ID for the post. However, for a one page drop in application, a person needs to pass in a full URL.

I’m trying to figure out how to get the URL to the application without passing it in through a GET parameter, but still have it accessible via one click from a web page.

I don’t want to take long on this as I am finishing up documentation for JournURL, a hosted community/weblog system. I’ve been enjoying the effort and working with Roger Benningfield, mad scientist and leading developer.

And I would love to take another road trip. Somewhere. Anywhere.

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