Stopped short

I started doing something today, started whining about something, started ranting and raving in comments and in email, but not here in the weblog, when I realized that I was acting and soundling like some people I know through weblogging who I don’t really care for. That’s the thing when your words are in print – at times you can see what other people see in you. And it’s not always good.

I don’t want to start up in a brand new and painfully won home (the conversion has not been without problems) by bringing along old hurts and what not. What’s done is done, and I’m both glad and sad that I recognized the enemy within myself before the metamorphoses was complete.

But it does make me think on those webloggers who I don’t care much for: at what point did they stop reading their own words?

This is my way of saying, “Hi, I’m in my new home. Kind of.”

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