Stopping the world

AKMA wrote a post about the ongoing political discussions surrounding the effects of Katrina and the government’s response. He wrote:

“This is no time for politics,” people say, and to the extent that some of us might be about more immediately useful work, they may be right — but one useful end that some of us can serve is to point out that the past five years the U.S. government has operated in explicit repudiation of reality-based politics, and the chickens are coming home (or “homeless”) to roost.

I can understand what AKMA is saying, particularly since I can agree with him and so many others who have been critical: of Bush, of the National Guard, of FEMA, the local government in Louisiana and so on. Normally I would be in the midst of the discussion.

However, I’m finding that the contention and anger surrounding this event is becoming increasingly difficult to absorb. I can’t seem to maintain enough detachment to keep from being pulled completely in, and by the end of the day, I’m feeling emotionally drained and physically sick. Some of this is coming from the worries, frustrations, and the sense of loss–of people, of history–because of Katrina. But not all.

Debate should energize, not drain. When it doesn’t, you need to step away. When I read the headline, Condi returns to DC after Bloggers expose vacation about how wrong it was for Rice to buy expensive shoes while people are suffering in New Orleans, it was enough. And I find I don’t have the words to explain why.

While I’m taking a breather, some folks with good thoughts:

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question and answer that Dave Winer had about the future impact of Katrina–beyond the South. In particular, check out the comments associated with the question.

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There are others, but this is a good start.

I also want to thank Danny for Sassi and Doc Searls for telling me what the two bright lights in the sky were.

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