Sudsy stuff

Good Evening. Spotted Woman, here.

What is it with men and their toys to do housework? Now Eric has joined the Sudsy Men of Weblogging (look for the calendar, soon, at supermarkets everywhere) and posted a photograph of his favorite washing utensil–no, not another Dishmatique. At least, I don’t think it’s a Dishmatique. How can I tell? All of these dishwashing toys look alike.

Wanna know what I use for dishes? A dishwasher.

Eric did point to a new toy I would like to have — a Toshiba PDR-3300. I like my Nikon, but would really like to have more pixels under my belt. But instead of the Toshiba, I’ll take the Cannon EOS 1D.

(The Dishmatique link goes to a Google lookup on ‘Dishmatique’. I got a chuckle when I saw how much we’ve screwed around with the listings for this poor little product. Think we’ll get sued like Davezilla?)









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