Just Shelley

Sweet and Sour

f all of the posts haven’t given you a clue, I had little sleep last night. My posting rate is inversely proportional to my lack of sleep.

Today is a good day in that my film scanner is on the way and I should get it on Friday. Additionally, the overall design and table of contents for the new book is exciting. Well, I’m excited. My editor is excited.

I also received a nice long email from an old friend this morning, and have enjoyed it immensely. I am reminded that I need to send a letter – a letter, not email – to another old friend in Boston. It’s also a beautiful day today, sunny and warm and a perfect day for a hike. Therein lies today’s hitch.

Due to my not following doctor’s orders, my foot is now in pretty bad shape, very swollen with some massive bruising. Not only can I not hike, I can’t walk down the stairs, which is frustrating. I can access the computer in bed, but it’s hard to type laying against bunched up pillows. All of you people who work on your computers in bed: how do you do it?

Thankfully, I can play movies on my computer and I have a nice stash of books from the library. Since I can’t go exploring outside, I’ve watched several new movies instead, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Whale Rider.

I had mixed feelings about Whale Rider. I thought it was a beautifully directed and acted movie, and I appreciated the narration from the perspective of the young girl, her matter of fact recital. I also really enjoyed the introduction to the Maori, and the humor that kept the film from being too painfully dramatic. If I didn’t like anything, I think it was the pat ending – I think the film would have been better if it had been ended about 5 to 10 minutes earlier. At which point exactly I can’t say without giving away the movie details.

As for Pirates, I was amazed that a canned Disney movie based on a theme park attraction could be so entertaining but it was. However, I have a serious crush on Johnny Depp, so maybe this isn’t so surprising. That man is criminally sexy.

(Used crutch words. Damn.)

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