Diversity History

Women’s Movement

I am ashamed to say that I did not know this month was dedicated to Women’s History until I read this lovely rundown of historical moments by Alas, a Blog.

In keeping up with the theme, bean is continuing posting events in women’s history that have happened on each particular day in January. These are in keeping with all the other exceptionally good writings posted at this site.

I am ashamed that I don’t write on Women’s Writing or history for that matter, as much as I should for someone with my interest in both. Too easily sidetracked into other things that aren’t that important.

Such as political speeches that focus more on steroid use in athletes then on providing health care for all the people in this country. But then, we have California’s example to go by – that state felt it more important to rollback increases in car license fees rather than ensure the children of that state get access to medical care.

Damn, I just got sidetracked again. I think I’ll spend some more time at Alas, and focus more on women’s writing than the President and his politics – it is a much more palatable subject.

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