Switching comments

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m updating my PHP system, which is breaking dotcomments. So, I’m in the process of converting comments over to Movable Type. Until I’m finished, you won’t be able to post new comments.

Update: The comments system has now been converted over to Movable Type comments. You’ll have to check out the styles of the comments in both the main page and on the individual pages. Let me know if they don’t display well in your OS and with your browser.

I also listened to the discussion about calendars and I was so inspired, I removed my calendar from the main page without a second thought. Jonathon, you’re such a trendsetter, a weblogging stylist head of the pack. Alpha Designer.

You can still access previous postings through the monthly or category archives, though I only see the category archives used. Perhaps the next step is to remove the monthly archives and add in searching.

Now, on to muck up my PHP environment to add namespace parsing of XML.

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