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My DNS change to the new server switched over in mid-post, and that created some interesting results. I’m still recovering from them. Note to self: take a break from weblogging next time you switch servers.

Once this all stabilizes I’ll move any outstanding comments and trackbacks from the old server to the new one so they aren’t lost.

I’m also waiting for wildcard DNS to propagate for so that I can turn on the co-op weblogs. I originally looked for them before the propagation made it all the way through and now I have to wait for the cache on my ISP DNS to expire before I’ll be able to access them. You can access, I can’t.

I screwed up the zone file by forgetting the period at the end of one of the name server names, resulting in:

Since it was the secondary name server, things seem to be working out.

Kaf wrote in the comments (which I have to move over, unless they’re here already, but where’s here?) – this week is the 20 year anniversary of DNS. It was purely a coincidence that I wrote the Internet for Poets essay.

Question on this essay: did you find the writing fit the general concept of “Internet for Poet”? Was it helpful? Interesting? Should I do more of the same?

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