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Winer Number?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I missed all sorts of fun being on the road. For instance, there’s this Winer number thing that Mark Pilgrim came up with. According to Mark:


Here’s how you can determine your Winer Number:

Dave Winer has Winer Number 0.
If you have been personally abused by Dave Winer, your Winer Number is 1.
If you have been abused by someone who has been abused by Dave Winer, your Winer Number is 2.


Mark also lists criteria for ‘personally abused’, such as in an email or forum, or in Dave’s weblog. However, for those who have been multiply zinged by Dave, the number is modified, and your count becomes 1/n, n being the number of times zinged. So, the more you get zinged, the smaller the number.

Well, I used to mix it up with Dave fairly regularly but haven’t since I reached a surfeit on discussing RSS and RDF’s evil influence on it. According to Mark’s criteria, I’ve been ‘personally abused’ in group and personal emails, in my comments, in online forums including the RSS Development forum, and in his weblog, though the entries are usually pulled. I don’t beat out Bill Kearney for number of times hit by The Man, but I probably am the top rated, or should I say lowest Winer number, woman.

My evil twin says have fun with this, but then there’s this part of me that remembered the times when Dave pointed to something I said and made nice comments. And the times that Dave has pointed out people who’ve needed help. And I remember how much Dave has done for weblogging. There’s even been a few times when Dave’s joked rather than zinged, which he should do more often because we all win when he does. So my evil twin’s nasty but deliciously fun inclinations were suppressed in this instance.

However, I’m about to rejoin the RDF/RSS fandango again, because, well, girls just want to have fun. So I imagine that my evil twin will get her way eventually.