Taking a hit today

The site is having problems due to a heightened number of trackback and comment spam (in conjunction with one of the weblogs associated with the Canadian Ad scandal being hosted by my hosting service — but I think today’s problems were purely spam related).


My host, Hosting Matters, has got the problem under control…and is moving my sites over to the non-Movable Type server tonight. Today’s problem really does look like an incredibly frenzied comment spam attack — I guess we’re all jumping the white shark of spammetry today. And we’re not jumping far enough.

If MT users would choose the dynamic page option (and why haven’t you?), and Six Apart provide a *PHP-based comment management system, the problems would go away and MT wouldn’t be any worse, or better, than any of the PHP-based tools…such as Wordform.

I don’t know how to say it any clearer than that.

*Or does it? What is mt-comments.php?

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