Taking a seat

Another pattern to my photography is photos of chairs, taken in such a way that I hope they imply that someone has either just left, or is about to take the seat. They’re a part of my attempt to capture the effects of people, without showing people.

Okay, so this does sound a bit artsy. But it’s fun and I just can’t help myself — if there’s a seat in a nice setting, you’ll know you’ll see a photo of it.


My favorite photo of the day. I liked the foreground plants at a slightly different focus than the background building. I like the shadowed interior and the barely glimpsed seat inside. I liked the lighting. I liked the photo.


I liked the lazy spring/summer look to this photo — the seat inviting the person to sit for a while, and enjoy the view. A distinctly gentle picture.


I particularly liked the bench being on the hill overlooking the swamp, the bright green colors, with the hint of blue flower and brown/red seat, and the surface of the water completely hidden by the algae. I also liked the perspective of the photo, with the seat off to the top/right.


This is a scene that begs for a picture, which means I shouldn’t take it. But I don’t care — it’s pretty anyway. Isn’t that curving deck over the water marvelous?

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