Today’s Uncategorizable stuff

Two shots from the day that don’t belong in the other groupings, but that I liked too much to leave off.


I thought this was a nice instance of overlaying ‘real’ with reflection. The fern to the right is real, not reflected, while everything else is an image from the lake. Depending on the resolution of the monitor, you’ll see the characteristics of the lake or not in this shot — showing one of the difficulties with posting photos online.


Oogie. Earie. I love it — dead branches rising out of the swamp.

While I was taking this photo, I heard a ‘blurb blurb’ behind me. I turned around but couldn’t see anything in the swamp. I returned to taking the photo when I again heard the blurb blurb sound behind me. Again, I couldn’t see anything, and there was no marked disturbance in the algae covering the water. This continued a couple of more times until I finally couldn’t stand it and left.

Frogs. Sure. Natural water noises. Sure.

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