Textpattern: live and in action

I was going to write another LAMP essay tonight, but my mind isn’t in it, and I think I’d rather work on the books, instead.

But I did want to mention that you can see Textpattern in action with a couple of people who are moving from Movable Type to this new weblogging tool.

Steve Himmer has moved to Textpattern, and it seems to be working nicely. At least, I thought so when I was reading his wonderful Potato Salad recipe.

(Note that there is no trackback within Textpattern. However, with links tracked in Technorati now, much of the demand for Trackback has decreased.)

Joseph Duemer is in the process of moving to Textpattern. I’m not sure where he’ll find the time because he’s also trying to write one poem a day. He’s turned comments off for the time being, and sometimes that’s a good option to take, especially if you’re taking your writing into non-traditional ‘weblogging’ paths.

Sometimes you want a conversation. Sometimes you just want to write.

And sometimes you want to dance naked on the tops of mountains and roll in wild orchids.

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