That connecting thing again

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

While we debate the merits of DRM as compared to the evils of DMCA, I am having connection problems.

Currently I have Charter Pipeline, through a Netgear M314 wireless router to my machines. I am having problems with DNS lookups that are failing more frequently, though I am still connected to the Internet. I’ve checked my modem using the modem software, and it seems to be functioning. Ditto on the Wireless router.

I’ve heard of timeout problems with the Mac OS 10.3.x and DNS lookups, but I have problems on my Windows box, too, and problems with 10.4.x.

By the nature of the problem and the fact that it worsens at night, I am making an assumption that the problem exists at Charter. If so, the solution would be to consider going DSL.

Now, normally DSL does not have the downstream speeds of cable, but checking in my area, depending how far I am from the station, it would seem that SBC Yahoo DSL is actually faster than cable (though Earthlink DSL is slower). And SBC also has faster upstream. It’s also over 50% cheaper for six months, and only requires a six months commitment. SBC does tack on a federal fee, which it admits it is passing on and is not required by law to be paid by the customer.

I currently have ‘free’ cable television with my upstairs televisions because Charter did not disconnect the upstairs video connection when I went pure broadband connection only. The repairman did not have a splitter when he made the disconnect, so he disconnected the lower connection, but left the upper untouched. However, the company has also raised the cost on the broadband connection to the point that judicious shopping for DSL and a Dish could provide replacements for both television and broadband at only a small additional cost–and the Dish provides additional goodies.

But every time I make a telecommunication change, something goes wrong. I do have customers to support; I am gainfully employed via my home computers; I can’t afford downtime.

Questions to you, wise readers:

Is there anything in my setup that you can see could be causing the frequent DNS lookups and failures? I literally go from access to Flickr one moment, and then failed lookup of the next. I am unable to work now about 30% of the day because of this problem.

Any problems with SBC Yahoo DSL, other than the phone support is in China? How about Dish?

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