The chicken rules

Stavros, our favorite Wonder Chicken is suffering from an affliction known as Mike Envy.

Yup. The Chicken feels he can’t kick Mike’s ass in the weblogging arena, and encourages us to go over to Mike’s latest writing extravaganza and clog the comments with puerile statements, personal insults, lumpy and salted oatmeal, bad poetry, and other worthless odes and bits and pieces of mangled and tortured verbage.

The end hope is that the effort will drive Mike batty — well battier than he already is — forcing him to give into the weblogging flow, spending his remaining weblog days linking to endless Daypop 40 items of note such as three year old sandwiches. Personally, I think we can count coup for Stavro’s efforts if we can get Mike to create the aforementioned What kind of Doc Searls Dead Animal are you? quiz.

Stavros, if you really want to bring Mike down then you have no other recourse: you’ll have to bring in The Scotsman. He’s the only person known to get Mike to post less than 20 words (in comments associated with this post).

Update Mike did manage to link to every member of Cluetrain in addition to Dave Winer in this one post. There is hope, Stavros. There is hope.

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