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The debate continues?

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Continuing the discussion I started in yesterday’s posts (herehere, and here) in response to postings by Eric OlsenMartin Devon, and indirectly by Glenn Reynolds, Jonathon Delacour answered my plea for clarification about Eric’s statements regarding Japan in what promises to be an excellent multi-part posting. In addition, Alan Cooke also responded with a succinct take of the assertions presented by Eric.

(Not to mention this at Salon, link sent to me by a friend.)

I am especially pleased that all participants in this debate have not resorted to name-calling, addressing each other’s comments rather than resorting to personal attacks. I won’t speak for my own arguments, but I do believe that Jonathon’s and Alan’s are quite well formed. Don’t you agree?

Now I am sitting, quietly, but filled with eager anticipation for additional entries in this debate by Eric, Martin, or Glenn (or new participants who may be interested in joining). Gentlemen (and ladies if any join), the ball is now in your court.

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