The debates

In debate, when your opponent is reduced to attacking your character rather than your words, you know you’ve won.

I should have remembered this yesterday when I became so angry. Blame my reaction a bit on the move. And the fact that I’m not called Burningbird because I coo like a dove.

I had a note from Sheila Lennon from, who wrote up a nice summary of the realtime blogging phenomena. I particularly like:

An image arises of tourists who photograph everything but experience little of what they record. They collect the present, rather than create it.

I do not like using technology just to use it. I don’t like seeing good technology being badly or inappropriately used. And I don’t approve of mediocre technology given prominance because a group of people dance up and down, clapping their little techie hands together in abandoned glee over a new toy.

And when I write about the technology and its use or misuse, and you respond by writing about me, I will always win, and you will always lose.

Coo. Coo.

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